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March 5, 2010

I got this email this morning and thought i would share it. Please continue to pray for the abortion issue, as well as the American Healthcare Bill that seeks to hide the abortion issue in the depths of the bill, while funding it from government pockets. Please read on:

      At the beginning of December my spirit was deeply troubled over the inclusion of Federally-funded abortion hidden in the Health Care Bill. I was awakened in the middle of the night with an urgent call to fast and pray. I determined immediately to go to DC and fast three days while praying in the Senate chambers during the health care debate on the floor. That morning I gathered my staff to say that I was going to DC immediately. It was then that one of our key prophetic men shared a dream he received that very night after praying for insight on the Health Care Bill. This was his dream:

      In my dream I was in a very large house that had all the rooms a normal house would have, but I believe it was representing The House. Some type of biting, flying bee was in the house, and it was small but dangerous. I took out a .32 caliber gun to shoot this bee or whatever it was. Yet when I did, swarms of these ‘bee’ flew into the room I was in. They came in through the floor. The dream continued for some time. I continued to try and figure out how to get them out of the house, but they would simply go from one room to the other. Even when the door was shut they would find their way in the room. Finally an audible voice in the dream said, “You cannot kill this ‘B’ with man made weapons. Only prayer will kill this bee,” which now numbered in swarms. In the dream, I knew it was the middle of the night.

      If the dream is true, then revelation demands participation. I submit the following interpretation to the Church and to the reader in America to judge. I believe the “very large house” is the House of Representatives. I believe that the “bee” is the Health Care Bill that is very dangerous, particularly in regard to its inclusion of abortion. The bees “coming through the floor” are the numerous debated amendments that have been on the legislative floor over the past several months, ie: the House floor and the Senate floor.
I believe the “.32 Caliber gun” is the key that unlocks the whole dream. Everyone felt that when Scott Brown was elected, the door was shut to the Healthcare Bill with its inclusion of abortion. This morning I felt drawn to Google “.32 Caliber gun.” I found it also goes by another name after its inventor, “Browning.” The dream is clearly saying that not even the election of Scott Brown would stop this Bill. The audible voice in the dream is clearly the voice of the Lord, saying, “You cannot kill this ‘Bill’ with man made weapons.” In the dream, the prophetic brother knew it was a capital “B”; the Bill. Only spiritual weapons can stop this abortion bill.

      Flying “B,” the Bill, has been flying from room to room to room-from the House to the Senate to the White House and back-and has not yet been killed. Today this Bill is swarming all over the news. The headlines speak now of Bart Stupak (D-MI) and his alliance with 11 other pro-life Democrats who are willing to stop this Bill because of its abortion language. The Bill could be killed in the House, but only if the Body of Christ will respond with urgent prayer.
      Pray for a compassionate and responsible Healthcare Bill that excludes the hidden agenda of mainstreamed abortion. In the dream, the man knew it was the middle of the night. Aside from the Senators holding late-night and hidden backdoor discussions, this present bill has dark and hidden doors that will fund Planned Parenthood and the abortion agenda. Pray that everything that is hidden will be exposed and take a stand in the spirit with fasting and prayer to hold it back. “God drive abortion like a wedge once again into the conscience of America!” We must thank God for men and women in Congress that are standing against abortion, but we must pray for them to be filled with courage and resolve to not back down.

Let us take up the call, “God, end abortion and send revival to America!”
Lou Engle

Lou Engle is part of the ministry team from IHOP in Kansas City. He has been involved with bringing the issue of abortion to the conscience of North Americans with Bound4Life.

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