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Abortion Access!

April 7, 2010

It seems the U.S.A. isn’t the only one. Before I get to the heart of this post, I am going to take this opportunity to comment on a few topics. The local newspaper, on Monday April 5, 2010, had a number of interesting articles.

First I’d like to address the whole Pardon issue that was granted to convicted child molester Graham James. What is the national parole board thinking by giving a guy like this a pardon. I realize that it was not a complete pardon, as his records are still accessible for police checks if he is working with kids, but this is ridiculous. He was guilty. He served his complete sentence. There should be no need to grant a pardon when he admitted that he was guilty. That’s all I have to say about that.

Now to the reason for this post. In the same newspaper there was an article by columnist Lyn Cockburn titled “Abortion access must be included in plan”. Cockburn is addressing the stance that the Canadian government is hoping to take during the G8 summit hosted by Canada in June. If you want to read the entire article, you can click here.

Cockburn gives some startling statistics in her column. 550, 000 women die in childbirth every year worldwide. 1 in 8,700 women in Canada, and 1 in 7 in Niger, 1 in 50 in Sudan die to complications from pregnancy and childbirth. Those are incredible statistics.

But Cockburn doesn’t stop there. She states that “that’s half a million women who will not be present to benefit from the nutrition, clean water, and inoculation programs that [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper wants to promote. Admirable but inadequate initiatives, Mr. Harper.”

I agree. Those measures do seem a tad inadequate. Cockburn continues on her rant by arguing that “This is a figure easy to lessen–yes, through nutrition, clean water, and inoculation, but equally importantly through family planning, contraception and access to abortion.”

 Excuse Me? What? Did I hear you correctly Mrs. Cockburn?

This is not family planning anymore. You are agreeing with murder. I agree that something needs to be done so that 550,000 women don’t die annually from childbirth. But let’s be sensible. You are advocating for murder as an act of Family Planning. I won’t argue that contraception plays an important part in reducing these numbers, and Mr. Harper has agreed to address this at the summit, albeit reluctantly. At least that’s a start. But he is a wise man for not opening up the “can of worms” that is the abortion issue. At least not at this summit. It is an issue that the government needs to address, but not at an international summit.

One of the surprising comments in the article was a quote that Cockburn used from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said,

 “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health and reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortions.”

That is a major mouthful!

Legal, safe abortions! This woman was running for President. This is only one of the many minds trying to influence President Obama. This is not good. Regardless of the recent outcome of the health plan in the States, these people are pushing for this more and more. And it’s coming from right inside the office. But I digress,

Maybe they should consider this option instead. Stop having sex. At the heart of the issue is the fact that there are altogether too many people having sex that should not be. We live in a sexually influenced world, and having sex for the sake of sheer pleasure can result in pregnancies. Irresponsibility is not an excuse for poor family planning. Irresponsibility does not account for the numbers of college and university women (who would be included in the statistics) who get pregnant and have abortions because it interferes with their own personal ambitions. Individuality is the persistant thought of the day, and that has to stop. When people get beyond themselves, and their personal gratification, they will see that the choices they have made have led to the pregnancy they now face. How many of the women in these statistics have continual unprotected sex with various different partners on a regular basis, Mrs. Cockburn? You can flash all the numbers and statistics you want. How many of these women were in committed, monogamous relationships? And I don’t mean committed in the sense that, “last year I dated “this” guy for a while but that didn’t work out so now I’ve been with “this” guy for a couple of months.” I mean committed in the real sense of marriage, no prior sexually active experience. When we seperate the women into catagories, Mrs. Cockburn, we may not be at all surprised with the statistics you quote.

I understand that the statistics will include women who are married, who are in a loving (perhaps even Christian) relationship. I know that these numbers will include Christian women who die in childbirth. I know these numbers will include women who were raped. I know htey include women in 3rd world countries that do not have the health care available to them that we here in Canada do. I’m not that stupid. And neither is Mr. Harper. That is why the main focus of his initiative is nutrition, clean water, and inoculations. Our health care far surpasses that of the majority of the world, Mrs. Cockburn. Remember that developing these simple things will vastly improve the health of women the world over. Yes, contraception needs to be addressed. Abortion is not a solution to the problem.

One final thought as I close this post. With the statistics that Mrs. Cockburn writes, she forgets to include some numbers. She forgets to include the statistics of women who have committed suicide because they had an abortion. She forgets to include any numbers addressing how many women have had major medical problems because of having an abortion. She neglects to include the numbers for WHY women are having abortions. Through any number of searches, it is not difficult to find these statistics. Mrs. Cockburn, please consider what you write before you write it, and consider the other side of the issue. Instead of thinking with a one-track, personal agenda mind, start thinking with your heart, and consider LIFE.

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