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For those in the Niverville area…

May 19, 2010

For those who are interested, this came across the wire today…

“The righteous is concerned for the rights of the poor….”  Proverbs 29:7
As many of you are aware, Crisis Pregnancy Centre daily serves the needs of many that find themselves in difficult to desperate circumstances.   Circumstances that many of us cannot hope to imagine. IF their walls could speak I am sure the stories they would tell would break my heart into a million pieces.  And maybe that’s not a bad idea.
Brokenness often compells action.
Many women they help come home (after giving birth) with nothing to care for their newborn child.  Not only are they without emotional support,  and often in dire circumstances, many also lack the basic physical necessities to care for their child.  To  think of a new mom coming home with her baby without so much as a blanket to her him/her in breaks my heart.  It just ain’t right.
The question and the call — AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?
I am feeling an urgency to come alongside CPC and help them in whatever way I can. This time it is in the form of LAYETTE PACKS.  Layette packages would come in the form of a bag that would include everything from diapers to sleepers to blankets.  (and so much more) These packages would be for these mothers who long to care for their wee babe but have so little to do it with.
THE PLAN:  In order to make these layette packs happen I will need to raise a bit of $$.  The plan is to have a garage sale at the end of june with 100% of the profits going towards this cause.
THE HOPE:  If you can help in anyway….be it 1) getting the word out (Church or town bulletins, bible study groups, announcements in church, facebook, blog, etc etc) 2) physical help setting up and on the day of the garage sale  3) Donating goods  — then please let me know —
It takes a village to raise a child and definitely the same holds true for this project.
Please contact me with any questions.  Also, let me know if you would like further info as this dream/prayer/desire unfolds.

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