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June 6, 2010

To those who follow regularly i would like to apologize once again for the lack of posts in the past few weeks.

School ended a week ago now, and i needed time to process all that has occured in the last five months. The intensity of the month of May has left my brain tired (i’m sure some of you know that feeling quite well), where i just don’t feel like thinking about anything. I started my summer job this past week as well, and was asked what i had done last weekend, to which i replied, “Nothing! Nothing at all! I did not want to think, or do anything. I sat like a bump on a log!” It felt good to do nothing for a whole weekend, when life has been so crazy for the last while.

Honestly, this past week back at my summer job felt like a vacation. Yes it is physically demanding work, and there are hazards with the cutting torch and welding and working with heavy pipe (check out to get an idea of what i do), but not having homework, or papers to write was a great relief.

But here i am. Virtually unscathed by the amount of homework done over the past while. And with that i will close this post for now with this little thought:

For the Jewish people, Moses is the great prophet. Yet when he was a baby he had to be hidden in a basket so he wouldn’t be killed. The love of a mother for her child is one that can never be duplicated. Love your children for all you can. Enjoy them. Spend time with them. And who knows, maybe one day they will grow up to be the next Moses, or Billy Graham.

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