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August 5, 2010

Can it be considered a “vacation” when I have not actually gone anywhere? I think so. Intentionally taking time away from anything can be considered a vacation, can it not? For those who know me, they will attest to the fact that I never do things half-heartedly. I go full out to get the maximum results. Unfortunately, that can drain a person out a bit if they are not prepared for it.

As a youth pastor I put in approximately twenty hours a week, usually more. As a student taking a full course load, the remaining hours in the week are devoted to reading and homework and studying. I love this life. I learn, I teach, I get to be goofy and young, it’s awesome. However, one can only do that for a period of time before they need a break. After school ended, and youth shut down for the summer, I decided I needed some rest, mentally. I didn’t go anywhere, I have just been resting my mind. Still doing some reading, but apart from occasionally checking emails, the month of July proved to be a great time to get away from technology, from the office (as much as possible) and enjoy the great summer that we have had here in Manitoba. I still got to work at DACO Piling, but I didn’t have to apply my noggin as ferociously as I do during the rest of the year. Having said that…


The computer hasn’t run away, and neither have I.

So as I said above, I have been doing a little bit of “light reading” and working in the meantime. I had the great privilege of starting a new sermon series in church while Pastor Sieg was on holidays. The series was titled “Heroes of the Faith”. I got to kick this series off with the story of John Newton, and had a wonderful time preparing, and bringing it to the congregation. For those who might not know who John Newton was, here’s a quick recap: Lived in England, started working as a sailor with his dad when he was 11, was press-ganged into the NAVY in his late teens, was traded to a friend in Africa to supervise work on a plantation, his friend made him a slave, worked as a slave for 18 months, was traded to a captain of a ship bound for England, the ship was almost destroyed in a storm and after they fixed a huge hole in the side Newton said, “If this will not do, the Lord have mercy on us!” (side note — this was the first time since Newton was a young lad that he spoke God’s name with reverence; he blasphemed and swore quite liberally during his teens and early twenty’s and is quoted as saying, “I was making great strides towards a total apostasy from God.”), Newton counts this moment aboard the ship as his conversion, becomes the captain of a slave ship, quits and becomes a pastor, lives the rest of his life in ministry, uses hymns in his services as teaching aids for the sermon (even though the Church of England didn’t like the use of hymns), writes a Hymnbook with William Cowper that instantly becomes a bestseller (This changed the way the Church of England viewed the use of hymns – for the conservatives among us, this would be similar to the “controversy” surrounding the use of worship songs instead of hymns in our services that we experienced only a short while ago in our generation), Newton wrote Amazing Grace (which was included in the hymnbook), testified against the slave trade, mentored William Wilberforce (the man responsible for the abolition of slavery in England). Newton truly was a hero for our faith, and I had a great time working on the sermon.

The other thing that I have been considering over the last month deals more pointedly with this blog.

The issue of abortion is a weighty subject. Until now, I have been posting exclusively regarding Abortion. I have decided that I will not make every post exclusive to Abortion. Most will be, but a break from the regular every now and then is a good thing, and so I will take liberties when I feel, to post things of irrelevance or things that peak my interest not related to abortion.

Finally, for those who don’t know what a Manitoba sunset looks like, here is a little treat….

The sun just hangs there, it doesn’t hide quickly, it takes its time going down. Thank God for the beauty of these sunsets.

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