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A Rant!

August 17, 2010

Normally i would let this kind of thing slide, but today i just don’t think i should!

I was watching television the other night and, while the program was entertaining (if you’ve never watched an episode of “Wipeout” you are missing some funny stuff), it was actually a commercial that got me all worked up.

The commercial was for the Bounce Dryer Bar. Just place it in the dryer and forget about it, is what the ad said. Now, i’m all for the advancements in technology, but this might be the most ridiculous commercial i have ever seen. The woman speaking in the commercial was given one of these bars and asked to answer a few questions. She praised the fact that the bar attached nicely to the inside of the dryer, and was all the more ecstatic because she no longer had to waste time with the dryer sheets.

That’s right!

Apparently her life is so busy, that fussing with the dryer sheet took way too much time out of her busy day. I know what you’re thinking: Jay, you don’t have kids, and mouths to feed, how could you possibly comment on something so innovative?

No, i don’t have kids, and the only mouth i have to feed is my own, but let’s get serious for just a minute. I have to do laundry just like everyone else. I make sure it gets washed, using detergent, and i make sure it gets dried, using dryer sheets. I know for a fact that anyone in their right mind will keep the dryer sheets right by the dryer, as opposed to the upstairs bedroom in the safe with a lock and key! Am i right? The dryer sheet is never more than a step away from the dryer, because that’s where it gets used. It takes me an average of about 2 seconds to reach for my dryer sheet and put it in the dryer. So if someone is shaving 2 seconds off their “busy” day, and their happy about it, i think they need to re-evaluate more than just their dryer sheet situation.

But here’s the real reason this got my attention!

If people need to shave time off their day because they are so busy, and the 2 seconds they save by not having to reach for a dryer sheet is worth it, how much time are they spending with God?

I know i spend time doing things that do not directly reflect the time i spend with God. For instance, i enjoy playing video games, especially racing games. about 98% of the time that i play games, it looks like i am simply playing games. No one would be able to see, just by looking, that i am actually deep in prayer, meditation, or simply conversing with God while i play those games. Or, if i’m not doing one of those things, I have a sermon series playing, and am meditating on what the speaker is saying. The games take little concentration, and therefore give me ample opportunity to flex my brain with the sermon, while at the same time keeping my hands busy. My mom does the same thing while she is cooking, or sewing, etc.

But to think that not having to reach for a dryer sheet because it takes too much time is absurd. You are already doing laundry. 2 seconds reaching for a dryer sheet isn’t going to interfere with the day as much as one might think. And, in the process, during those precious 2 seconds, you may just find yourself in prayer with God.

Happy laundry day!

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