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Education can’t help.

August 25, 2010

Today i’ve decided to veer from the typical post found here on The Silent Siege, and address an issue that is burning a hole in my mind. Before i get to the issue at hand, might i direct your attention to a post on the Bound4Life blog “Moral Outcry” that was posted today. The author, Kaitlin Martinez, puts things as clear as possible. Which leads me to the reason for my post today.

As you know, i attend Providence College in Otterburne, MB, which is a Christian college. As a commuter and youth pastor, i don’t get a big chance to interact with the majority of the student demographic on a consistent basis. Those who I do interact with most are commuters as well.

Last Sunday a bunch of us decided to get together for the afternoon/evening. We went to the ‘Peg for a bit, then headed off to one of the people’s house for hotdogs and time spent enjoying each others company. I really enjoyed the day, as it was a chance to catch up with those who i had not seen for the summer. However, the conversation at one point did get uncomfortable for me.

Many of those present are currently in a relationship. If you were there and are reading this, you’ll understand why i kept my mouth shut then, although i should have spoken up, and for not having done so, i apologize. Some comments were made about how a couple should interact with one another. “Oops, i looked at you. Are you pregnant?” “We held hands, which leads to sex, which means you are pregnant,” and various other comments of the like. Apparently a good education and Christian upbringing can’t help. Let me explain.

Our culture is very sexually charged. Media and a host of other things constantly push the sexual agenda, and as Christians we need to be wary of that. Holding hands does lead to sex. Not over night maybe, but through a gradual progression that takes time, until the individuals involved don’t realize how far their sexually charged relationship got that far. I’m not saying that this is the case for every couple, but it does happen, and as Christians we need to be vigilant.

King David lusted after Bathsheba, and he followed through on his lust. Just seeing her was enough for him to follow through to having sex with her. He hadn’t even held her hand. Just seeing her was enough to “go all the way”. How much more so does the couple who is with each other all the time. At first the relationship starts with just holding hands, then eventually the arm goes around the “loved one”. After that kissing, and then heavy kissing. Eventually, as the feelings of love grow, touching gets involved, then heavy petting and before they realize, sex becomes a common thing in the relationship. It didn’t go from holding hands to sex, but through a gradual progression, led to the end result.

A favorite author of mine, Mike Bickle, writes, “Our nation today is in the midst of a crisis…. The crisis in our nation includes increased abortion rates, the attacks on the sanctity of marriage, the rise of radical Islam, economic pressure, and the massive trend toward compromise that is occurring in the Church. Compromise and lethargy in the Church heightens every other problem.”

If you are in a relationship where holding hands is the norm, set a barrier immediately that holding hands is the absolute limit of physical contact immediately. Compromise comes quickly. And without limits, it is a whole lot easier for compromise to occur. You may say to yourself, i/we have things in order. We’re good. We are both committed to lives in Christ. We’re not in danger. BAM! That’s when Satan attacks, and it can get ugly. Don’t compromise, set limits, and agree with Kaitlin Martinez, “Consider humanity and start to consistently attempt to promote peace, self-control, love and life; all wonderful things that humans have the ability to do.”

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