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Really? Really?

October 13, 2010

Here is the latest from Planned Parenthood,

Planned Parenthood Declares Choice “Meaningless” Unless All Americans Pay

According to Planned Parenthood Federation of America director, Cecile Richards, “choice is meaningless” unless pro-lifers help pay for it.

In an email to supporters Tuesday, Richards urges readers to help fill a million signatures on a petition demanding free birth control. She says:
The truth is, choice is meaningless without access to affordable care. The recent rise of a new crop of anti-choice extremists shows just how important it is for people like you and me to stand up for access to affordable reproductive health care. To protect choice now and forever, we must give every woman the support she needs to control her own reproductive health and her life. That’s why birth control matters.
Suddenly being “pro-choice” is not enough to Planned Parenthood. Now choice is “meaningless” if we who oppose abortion have a choice in where our money goes. Even the most extreme of all pro-aborts can see that this is not a pro-choice rationale.
This latest advertising blitz by Planned Parenthood comes with a pretty pink splash and says “Birth Control Matters: No-Cost Birth Control Now!” But it’s not that clear cut, and unless pro-lifers stand up now, there will be another freedom snatched from us in the name of health care.


You want pro-life people to pay so that you can continue to kill babies in the name of reproductive health-care?


You can spout off about the anti-choice radicals all you want, but this is just ridiculous.


excerpt taken from For the full article click here.
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