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Silent Night

November 29, 2010

I really like the song Silent Night. It’s so peaceful. But there is one version that stands above all the other versions that i’ve heard. It’s the one by Simon & Garfunkel called, “7 o’clock news/Silent Night. This version is great for so many reasons. The song itself. The news stories. It just seems to work. I was listening to it the other day when i thought, “Hmm. I wonder what news stories they would include in the song if they re-recorded it today?” What i also like about the song is the almost prophetic nature of the song. Before you get in a huff, remember that i said “almost prophetic”. Here is what i mean by that statement. When the song begins, the music is clear, and the listener is easily transported into the Christmas season, and the nativity scene etc. But as the song progresses, the music gets drowned out by the stories being read by the news anchor. HMMM. Has society in general, drowned out the message of Christmas with all it’s busyness? Are you drowning out the message of Christmas with the busyness in your life? I’ll admit right now i’m struggling with it, because i’m getting caught up in school work so much i miss the world revolving around me. It’s not a place i like to be in. Anyway, here is the song.

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