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A List

December 22, 2010

This is a first here at The Silent Siege. I am not good at making lists, and i don’t particularly like making them. But none-the-less, here it is, the end of semester/Christmas/holiday/break from it all – list.

  1. The end of semester is a wonderful feeling. The class i was most worried about (Intermediate Greek), i got a final letter grade of B.
  2. Gaining just as much knowledge about life as i did about school stuff this semester was reward enough (i realize how misplaced my focusses were, and have had the courage to change my lifestyle starting in the new year.
  3. If it was my choice, every student would have to enroll in either Greek or Hebrew (both would be better). My appreciation for the biblical text has grown insurmountably since i first started learning Greek (that’s Koine Greek, not modern day Greek).
  4. Christmas is only 3 days away, and i have never been more ready for this season on a heart level that i am this year.
  5. I still hate the song, “Simply having a wonderful Christmas song.” Worst. Song. Ever. (and i’m fully aware of pulling off one of my pet peeves).
  6. I still hate snow and the cold. Hot weather and Palm Trees in Manitoba would make a great Christmas.
  7. I leave for Kansas City in 5 days. My once a year holiday. AWESOME.
  8. Having a bit of time to relax has already been so rewarding.
  9. Greatest movie of the year: The Other Guys. The Peacock is flying.
  10. No number 10: time for my afternoon nap.
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