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New Years Rant

January 6, 2011

is it just me, or are the pro-choice people getting more and more desperate as the days go by. it used to be, that they would argue that life begins at birth, because science could not prove otherwise. then science proved otherwise. so they changed their tactics. it is no secret, and various studies would corroborate, scientists and doctors alike generally agree that life begins at the moment of conception. yet the pro-choice people keep trying to argue that point. i just don’t understand it. pro-choice people also argue that abortion is the right of the mother. what about the responsibility of the mother? and not just the mother, but the father as well. i wonder how many abortions have taken place because the boyfriend or husband convinced the mother to have an abortion. i have a hard time with this point, because i really love kids, and a lot of guys simply set aside their responsibility of raising the families that they have. women have had to take the role of leader, because guys have abandoned that position over and over. i am not saying this is universal, but how many families are run by women, while the guy sits idly by? i know i’m just ranting, but it’s so frustrating that pro-choice people continue to fight. instead of fighting against the sin of infidelity and promiscuous lifestyles, of commonlaw living, of “casual” sex, instead of fighting against these things, rather they promote them, and advocate killing the life that comes forth because of the lifestyles mentioned. accept responsibility for your actions already, and stop killing babies.

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