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Just Another Conspiracy

January 18, 2011

If you come to this site often, you may remember that from time to time, i post the conspiracy theories that my uncle, whom i rent a room from, believes are part of the fabric of his world. This morning’s discussion is one such conspiracy:

Me: There was actually a lot of snow that blew in yesterday. It didn’t look like much at first, but there was quite a bit…

Uncle: Yep. And the grader guys always pile so much on my driveway. They come around the corner and only leave a tiny drift in front of the neighbor’s driveway, then dump everything in front of my driveway.

Me: Really? You think that’s what’s happening?

Unc: Yep. They purposely leave only a little on the driveway next door, then dump everything on my driveway, then leave next to nothing on the neighbor’s driveway on the other side.

Me: No. They don’t target people like that.

Unc: It’s true. I think i upset them one time, and they haven’t forgotten that, and now they leave a big drift on my driveway.

Me: Hmmm!

(Note: whenever we talk about this kind of thing, he uses the word “our” to describe “our yard” or “our driveway”. But this is a personal attack, and so he uses the word “my” to describe the driveway. It truly is his, i know that, but it’s just odd that he changes the word when he believes they are “targeting” him.)

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