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The Car Seat

March 3, 2011

Before you go crazy, i am aware that this is my second post today. It’s a double post day. The first was simple insanity that had to be shared. But i’ve been mulling over a few things that i observed this morning, and i just need to process them. So i’m processing them with you, the readers here at The Silent Siege.

1) The first thing that i observed this morning occured in the local restaurant here in Niverville. I deviated from my normal schedule this morning because of a cancelled meeting. Instead of running straight to the office, i decided that going for breakfast and reading my new book by my good friend (and also professor) Michael J. Gilmour entitled, “The Gospel According to Bob Dylan” would be a good thing. While sitting at the table reading, i overheard the conversation being held at the next table. For those who don’t know, Chicken Chef is a place that, in the morning hours, is frequented by the 50 plus crowd. They table jump, and visit with various people throughout the time they spend there each time they darken the door of the place. These are the farmers, retired men and women, etc. that see each other every morning. It is their version of a social networking site. You can usually find the men sitting at certain tables, while the women sit at other tables, and that’s how it will stay until all of them leave.

Anyway, like i said, i overheard the conversation at the next table being had by these 50+ men. As i listened i began to wonder:

Do I do That?

You see, they were talking about the recent state of the gas prices. They were talking about the oil production, and the thought that gas might be going up a lot before summer comes. They were talking about…nothing. The weather…nothing.

These are people that see each other every day, and every day they have the same conversations. About the gas prices…about the weather…about nothing.

I started to wonder, do we as Christians do this too much. I started to wonder how much these men sitting at the next table actually knew each other. The things going on in life that really matter. Am I/are we scared to talk about the things in life that really matter?

I’d like to think i’m not like that.

But i need to finish The Rest of The Story…

As i was eating, a gentleman from FABChurch came in to have coffee, and he sat at my table. In about a minute and a half we had reached a conversation that was quite deep, and personal. He asked me how my studies were going. I said they were going along well. He asked what class i was taking. I said, “Homiletics, preaching. I have a difficult assignment coming up because i have to preach a sermon soon that would be preached at a funeral.”

Off we went, talking about the greater things in life and the excitement of being a partner with God here on earth, and what that means for our relationship and responsibility in heaven. I am so blessed to have had that conversation. I realized that i don’t talk about the weather that much, or about gas prices, but that my conversations, more and more, head towards greater things. Thank you God for that blessing in life.

2) As i said there were two things that have me pondering today, and the second is this: The Car Seat.

As i was finishing running some errands this morning, my last stop took me to the grocery store to pick up a few small items. As i was leaving the store, i studied a mother with her small daughter, moving towards their vehicle. This little girl was jumping over small ice patches and having fun making her way to the vehicle. Anyone watching would have said, “That is so adorable.” This little girl, probably 2 1/2 or 3 years old, was in great spirits, and enjoying the little things that made her happy. Mom was in a bit of a rush and tried to hurry her daughter up, and eventually they got to their van.

Now i don’t have kids. I am not a parent, so maybe i’m missing something here. Correct me if i’m wrong. But i’ve always known car seats to be a good thing. I had stopped paying attention to the two when i got to my vehicle because i was focusing my attention to driving again. As i was about to leave the parking lot, i glanced back over at the van, and noticed that the mother had put her daughter into the front passenger seat, and simply wrapped the seat belt around her.

I cringed when i saw this.

No car seat. Just right in the passenger seat. The seat belt was wrapped under the little girl’s neck, because i suppose the mother thought that was safe. That’s what the seat belt is for. I suppose i should be thankful enough that the mother thought the life of her daughter was important enough to put a seat belt on.

I was shocked. A small child should never be in the front passenger seat of any vehicle. The air bag is dangerous to the child, the seat belt would do more harm than good, because of how the seat belt ends up being positioned. But what was most shocking was that this woman was so busy, and in such a rush, that she couldn’t take the time to properly secure her precious child in a proper seat, designed to provide protection.

May i never be so busy that i do something like this.

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