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Anti-Abortion or Pro-Life?

March 12, 2011

I read this post on Moral Outcry that i found really interesting and worth duplicating here.

Lately the prolife movement has made some serious headway. It has been shown in recent years that many Americans are against abortion; with some polls even revealing that the majority of our nation’s occupants identify themselves as prolife. Another huge achievement is the House of Representatives’ decision to remove all federal funding from one of the country’s largest abortion providers, Planned Parenthood. We also have a more energized prolife base, emboldened perhaps by the change in public opinion, that’s taking strides to win the war on abortion.

While I am encouraged that America is headed towards becoming an anti-abortion nation, it’s important to remember that even if abortion was to become illegal tomorrow there would still be huge issues to deal with. I will pray unceasingly and strive to do anything I can to ensure that unborn children are protected in the womb, however in the process we need to remember to pray for a shift in the hearts of people.

I consider myself to be anti-abortion, obviously, but there’s so much more to it than being against abortion. It’s about being for life. There are thousands of children in foster care, and countless women who feel terrified and hopeless at the thought of bringing an unplanned child into the world. Making abortion illegal does not solve these problems.

There are also scores of people who consider themselves to be pro-choice, who see abortion as a remedy to a problem. Just today I received an email from a prominent pro-abortion group that called the amendment to defund Planned Parenthood’s the “Let Women Die Act.” These are passionate people who are much like us, defending a cause they believe saves lives and helps women. In the process of praying for the unborn we need to remember to pray for these men and women; for the people who think that turning to the pain and tragedy of abortion is their best, and perhaps only, option.

We need to ask God how we can promote LIFE in our own personal lives. Perhaps we can sacrifice by giving our time to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center; give our money to an organization or a family in need; or even consider adopting a child who, although they were never aborted, doesn’t have a high quality of life. And we can all pray more.

I don’t care for labels one way or another, but I do get frustrated when people call me anti-abortion. It’s true, but it’s only a part of the issue.  What do you think, is there any way you could be more “prolife” rather than “antiabortion”?

I couldn’t agree more. Please continue to pray for God’s hand to move in the hearts of the nations.

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