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Elections #3

April 13, 2011

I guess this is turning into a bit of a series.

As i think about the election coming up on May 2 here in Canada, and as my thoughts have turned over in my head a bit, something came to mind that i thought i would address here.


I love Canada. I am a patriot if there ever was one. There is no place in this world that i would rather live (and i live in Manitoba, where winters are cold).

Over the past number of elections that we have had, Conservative Vic Toews has won by a landslide in my riding. Not so much a landslide i guess, but more of a thrashing. It appears, at least for the most part, that regardless of who runs for any particular party in this riding, including the representative of the Conservatives, the Conservative representative will always win. We seem to be a “Blue” riding. There are places across the country that are forever represented by Liberals, some by the Bloq, some by NDP. We are forever Blue. Maybe that’s why they call the football team Blue Bombers. Ha.

Anyway, back to the point. Before the last election, it was revealed that our trusted MP, Vic Toews, had an affair with a much younger woman. As it turns out, the woman became pregnant. Last i heard, and if i am wrong please correct me, Mr. Toews left his wife for this younger woman and they were going to live together and raise the baby together.


You read that right.

But see here’s the thing. Why? Why did this happen? I don’t mean, why did he leave his wife for this younger woman. I mean, why did he cheat on his wife in the first place. Now, i don’t know all the details, and i’m not going to try and venture guesses as to why this might have happened. Instead, i am going to ask another question that goes a bit deeper than that.


Why didn’t we, his constituents, the ones who voted him in in the first place, keep him more accountable?

And here lies the dilemna running through my head. Are we as voters happy enough just to get out and do our civil duty, and once the election is over stop caring about the person in position? I will admit that in the past that’s what i had done. But after the last election, i started doing something i had never done before. I started emailing my representatives in government, Mr. Vic Toews and Mr. Kelvin Goertzen, and started questioning them about some of the stuff that i’ve seen The Conservatives do, that i agree and don’t agree with.

For example, i emailed once to encourage the work that the party has been doing on abolishing the stupid gun registry law that the Liberals spent oodles of money on, while at the same time acknowledging that some form of gun laws need to exist.

In the weeks leading up to the G8/G20 summits held in Ontario last year i emailed the above mentioned because Stephen Harper decided not to tackle any real key issues at those summits. At the top of my list was the silence regarding the issue of abortion. I was pissed off. Instead of addressing such a vital issue, the tax payers spent crazy amounts of money on a summit that really amounted to nothing. What are the fruits of the summit last year? Someone please show me.

I struggle with the fact that i have not encouraged my representatives enough. I struggle with the fact that i have not held my representatives to a greater degree of accountability. I wonder if we as voters would have held Mr. Toews to a greater degree of accountability would his “indiscretion” ever have taken place.

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