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A New Face

May 5, 2011

The recent issue of Faith Today magazine has an article about the New Face of the Pro-Life Movement. The article centers around the fact that today, more than ever, young women are taking a stand against abortion. According to the article the presence of these young women, “counters the inaccurate stereotype that it is paternalistic men seeking to restrict women’s rights. We can speak for ourselves. A woman can be pro-life.”

The article also states,

At the same time young pro-life women also recognize choosing life is not easy. [Veronique] Bergeron, for example, was brought up with an intellectual understanding of her choices, but as a 21-year old university student faced with her own unplanned pregnancy, she knew, “there was no choice. I realized then where I stood on the issue.”

It is exciting to see the shift in viewpoints regarding the issue of abortion in the lives of women, perhaps more-so now than at any time in recent history. The article talks about the sexual revolution and womens rights push during the baby-boomer generation, and how being pro-choice was supposed to be a part of that. But young women are now fighting against that mentality. The argument now is that people must recognize the reproductive value in a woman and the ability to bear a child.

The article discusses at one point, the role of Stephanie Gray, director of Calgary’s Canadian Center for Bio-ethical Reform. The mission of this group is to, “make abortion unthinkable.”

From this standpoint, Gray manages to break down every argument for abortion when she gives speeches across Canada. Whether it’s incest, rape, cultural preferences for boy babies, career ambition, family pressure or mental stress, we need to ask: If these pressures came to bear on the parents of a born child, would they choose to kill that child? “And the answer is always no.”

It is women like this who fight on the front-lines and take a great majority of the “arrows” of attacks against pro-life stances.

Please pray for these women and women like them. Please pray for young women the world over who face these choices every single day. Please continue to pray for the abolition of abortion.

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